Горячие вакансии:
IOS Developer
PHP разработчик
ИТ копирайтер
Техник по ремонту принтеров
Преподаватели Java, AR/VR, ИИ, PHP, JS 10$/час
Менеджер по продажам рекламных услуг СМИ
IT Sales mgr (SWD услуги)

Леонид, Разработчик: Мое мнение: работа для мужчины – одна из главных сфер жизни. Для меня очень важно знать и чувствовать, что я самореализуюсь. Здесь мой потенциал востребован и я развиваюсь как профессионал.

Потенциальные вакансии Вакансия KYRIBA: SENIOR QA ENGINEER

Департамент Kyriba Minsk приглашает на постоянную работу опытного QA инженера.

A big start-upin financial area Kyriba Corp. is looking for Senior QA Engineers who are able totake responsibilities and take part in big project transformation from start-upto real production level with big customers from Fortune 500.

What we do:

We are a highly dedicated team that has been growing dynamically since 2000. We use cutting edge technologies to deliver a flagship corporate treasury management system to such world-known companies as Nestle, Peugeot, Swift, Citroen, Ferrero and many others. The project is stable, has well-defined processes and challenging tasks.  Our team consists of motivated, dynamicand highly talented developers, testers and managers.  The development processes are based on Agile SCRUM framework.

What we offer:

Competitivewages, different fringe benefits, bonuses for high performance, business-trips to Paris, paid conferences & trainings, tremendous team and comfortable office in the center of Minsk.

Team structure:

The development team is located in Minsk and Paris and is run by a highly experienced manager. Minsk team consists of 65 professionals.

Candidate requirement:

  • Experiencein QA 3 years+
  • General understanding of software development process;
  • Experience of working with Agile(Scrum) methodology. Understanding the role of QA in Agile;
  • Strong knowledge in foundation oftesting (methods, types, levels, etc.);
  • Practical experience in execution of different types of testing;
  • Extensive knowledge of testing techniques/methodologies and how to apply them: equivalence classes, boundary value analysis, Pairwisetechnique, "decision table"
  • Skills in using experience-based testing techniques;
  • Writing test documentation (testcases, check lists, bug reports, testing plans and strategies)
  • Ability to work with requirements ofdifferent detail levels;
  • Experience in test automation is abenefit;
  • Experience in working with versioncontrol systems is a benefit too;
  • Good written and verbal English.

Soft skillsStress resistance, taking responsibility for one’s tasks, аbility toask for help in time, а good team player.


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